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0800 Hungry Ministries Trust operates a Food Facilitation Warehouse (Food Bank) in eastern Christchurch and is the jewel of the Team Effort group of Ministries. It was opened in November 2001 after 2 years of prayer and planning.

0800 Hungry is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian Charitable Trust that empowers churches and community agencies of all denominations to reach out to those who need a helping hand.  0800 Hungry’s point of difference is that “We Deliver” and are totally committed to destroying the stigma that Food Banks are where poor people go for handouts.  We believe that no-one should have to beg for what is a basic need.

Operation Build Ministries Trust was established as part of Team Effort International Ministries for the purpose of providing a variety of kitset medical centres that can be transported in component form by shipping container to any part of the world and when assembled, provide an insulated, ready to use, fully functional facility.

The photos displayed in this series are from Bam, Iran where Operation Build was contracted to provide four medical centres after the devastating December 2003 earthquake.

The Operation Build website is currently being rebuilt and when completed will detail much of our activities in Bam, including the frustrations, the victories and the defeats encountered by a team of Kiwis in a land where "No is No and Yes is Maybe" and the catch cry was "You're not in Kansas now Dorothy"