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Kerry Bensemann

Kerry Bensemann, Founder,
Team Effort International Ministries

Welcome to our Home Page

Team Effort International Ministries Trust has been established for the purpose of providing the covering for three Ministries and two Companies that will operate as separate divisions.

As the parent Trust, Team Effort International Ministries will be responsible for the ownership, management and administration of any capital assets including those required by each of the Ministries to operate.

Team Effort will also be responsible to provide the oversight for the raising of funds by administering Team Builders, a Covenant Partners Club that has been established to allow individuals who share our Ministries’ Vision to give freely of finances so that we can achieve the goals laid before us. In short, Team Effort is to be responsible for the oversight of funding for all operating Ministry and Business ventures of which Vision Partners Online Advertising Directory is another.

Team Effort International Ministries holds a 90 percent shareholding in Team Effort Manufacturing Partnership and will take a 90 percent shareholding in Team Software Solutions when it is registered.